NEM Co-founder said Safety is what sets them apart from Ethereum

Mr. Jeff McDonald, co-founder of the NEM blockchain, had a sit-down discussion with the chief editor of during the BlockchainUA conference in Kiev, and tackled the difference between NEM Blockchain and Ethereum.

Mr. McDonald said:

“Projects use NEM if they want a secure blockchain for their platform. If you want to raise a lot of money, Ethereum has built a whole ecosystem where you can make it, and become a part of the organization.”

“NEM doesn’t give millions of dollars to anybody;we believe that our secure technology is a filter. The projects who want safe and secure technology, they choose NEM,” he then added.

NEM Security over Ethereum Funding

Jeff McDonald mentioned that Ethereum is above its game when it comes to raising funds. Hence, initial coin offering projects are mostly headed by Ethereum as base platforms. We also know that it had encountered several hacks. In fact, the most recent hack incident left people wondering whether the money was given back or not. Regardless, the incident had contributed to the fall of its price in the market.

Many people within the community of blockchain discuss which is better, Ethereum or NEM.  There came a very interesting illustration of their differences, relating Ethereum to HTML and NEM to WordPress. This makes so much sense since Ethereum smart contracts are basically built from scratch, having only blockchain as its foundation. NEM, on the other hand, is more user-friendly, adding other great features to that. Jeff McDonald and the NEM community firmly believe that pre-programmed functions of the system offer more security for users.

NEM’s focus is medium and small businesses

Mr. McDonald added that, while it is good to increase the number of transactions and transfer of money, it is not the main goal of NEM.

“Our focus is getting adoption and real people using blockchain,” he said

Based on how NEM works, it proves itself to be the kind of platform that can be very beneficial to small companies that aim to eventually expand their business.

NEM’s objectives do not really prioritize topping off Ethereum on its spot, but rather putting its team effort to the fullest in order to promote the technology. Either way, we hope for the best for both platforms.

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NEM is an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade blockchain platform launched in March 2015. NEM has industry leading blockchain features which include multisignature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. Companies with legacy systems can “plug ‘n play” with NEM.

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