Guidelines: WeChat Wallet App Add-on with XEM Air Drop bonanza

NEMbers, celebrate with us as we launch WeChat Wallet App Add-On with XEM Air Drop bonanza! First few people to participate will receive whopping amounts (not indicated) of XEM*. This is just the start of much more amazing surprises!

Simply download and receive your giveaway in a few easy steps:

STEP 1: Go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone, search for “WeChat,” then install

STEP 2a: Follow NEM China WeChat account by scanning the QR code

STEP 2b: Scan China WeChat QR code below:

STEP 3: Click “NEM” located at the portal of the NEM WeChat Wallet Add-On

STEP 4: Set up your wallet and key in your desired password

STEP 5: Add your NEM account by pressing “New”

STEP 6: Copy the NEM wallet address by tapping it

STEP 7: Send your copied NEM address to NEM China WeChat account as shown below and receive back XEM tokens as giveaway!

For more information, watch video here:

*Until supplies last

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