Mobi x NEM: Answering Two Fundamental Questions

The general community had long been uncertain, even since the inception and hype of blockchain-based companies, to the point they ask these two questions frequently: 1.) How is it different to anything we have now? 2.) Can it be used in the real world?

Blockchain startups that enter the market tend to get overwhelmed and get caught up with all the hype that they fail to address the fundamental questions aforementioned, which in ending, becomes their “make it or break it” moment.

Since the start of Mobi, these two questions have always been front in adopting and identifying the best strategy to approach this.

Mobi: Keeping the two most important questions front of mind

Mobi is the newest carpooling application designed to help commuters seek carpool going to work or university. What makes it unique is its design to connect neighbors and colleagues to make every ride safe and enjoyable. In addition, it also has more features such as weekly calendar and chat platform that help complement the market for commuters. In terms of prices, it has been aligned with public transport to make carpooling a competitive alternative for commuters.

Mobi x NEM: Putting blockchain tech into the commute market

With NEM’s seamless integration and ease of use, Mobi will be able to offer blockchain-based technology to potentially millions in the market who will use the app daily.

Integration of such technology will let adoption of cryptocurrency easily embraced by the market, providing real-world use for XEMs.

Indeed, greater things are yet to happen.

Reference: MEDIUM


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