Why NEM is one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin

When you hear or see the word “cryptocurrency,” Bitcoin will probably be the first to come to mind.

But did you know that there are others worth being your first coin in the digital world? One of the best alternative is newbie NEM (XEM). It is one of the top ten highest-valued crypto-coins on the market, but NEM is more than just a cryptocurrency. It has been making some impressive gains recently because of its technology and use cases.

Why has NEM (XEM) been Rising? Will it Keep Making Gains?

As one of the most popular digital currency in the Japanese market, XEM is making it large-scale and is now being used by different financial institutions. Just recently, Trezor, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, has partnered with NEM.io, the company behind the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain network. Currently, as the world’s first bitcoin wallet, Trezor supports other big cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Zcash. It is also introducing new firmware and the integrating into the NEM platform.

NEM is also introducing a firmware that enables unified login via Trezor credentials. On top of supplying support from XEM, Trezor will also give support for assets created atop the NEM.io blockchain network.

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