NEM Philippines to co-create a Course Elective with ADMU to be offered next year

Last October 22, 2018, Ateneo De Manila (ADMU) launched Ateneo-MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research Laboratory, known as the AMBERLab, which will serve as a research and incubation center for blockchain-based startups. This initiative sought partnership with NEM Philippines.

NEM Philippines previously signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with ADMU last August 8 of this year. In the agreement, NEM Philippines was opted to co-create with ADMU, a module for the course elective on blockchain to be launched early next year. With this collaboration, a model for future courses is set to be developed by NEM Philippines and ADMU with the objective to bring blockchain education to students. NEM Philippines and ADMU have since been working closely in examining the course contents and training materials, in order to ensure successful implementation of the project.

Over the past months, NEM PH has been tirelessly conducting blockchain workshops and seminars to university campuses and educational institutions such as Lyceum of the Philippines University, STI College, De La Salle University, San Beda College and more. This demonstrates the impeccable drive the team has in order to impart blockchain technology to the rest of the world. With the significant role of successfully and efficiently implementing the said project for ADMU, the NEM PH team looks forward to continuously living up to its mission––paving the way for blockchain to be further researched and studied by students that will open new doors of opportunities for them, and establish a future that will bring forth great impact to the world.

Mr. Emerson Fonseca, Head of NEM Philippines, said in a statement:

“With blockchain coming in as a major technology wave, AMBERLab is poised to be a major participant in the local efforts, and we would like to offer our assistance by funding such project, just as the NEM Foundation did in Malaysia.”